Presentation Instructions

Instructions for presenters
1) Arrive 10 minutes before your session starts and sit in the front of the room. Chairs will be numbered with the same number as the pocket guide. (ie – your poster board number).
2) In general, no audio will be played, you will do the talking. If you need audio, show up 15+ min before the session and talk to Ginger or Terry (manning the computer). Each paper must have an author present or the paper will be pulled from the IEEE XPLORE. Any exceptions require a replacement presenter and must have program chair approval. Just playing your video with recorded audio is not an acceptable replacement – someone also has to present at the oral session and at the poster session.
3) Your video will play on the conference laptop which you can see on a table beside the podium. You can bring your notes or laptop to the podium for your own use if needed, however, your laptop will not be connected to the projector.
4) Your video will cut off at 4minutes 55 seconds. There will be a 5 second delay for the next speaker to approach the podium. Move away quickly.

Presentation Tips
1) Always introduce yourself.
2) Look at the audience not over your shoulder at the screen. You can glance at the video on the presentation laptop which is closer to looking at the audience.
3) Adjust the microphone to your height.
4) We will provide a laser pointer, but use it sparingly as it means looking at the screen.
5) Practice your timing!! You have submitted a video with the exact timing of your slides, so practice and know it.
6) This is a casual conference – shorts and a polo shirt are fine.

Camera-ready instructions

Instructions for preparing and submitting camera-ready papers can be found at the links below.
Google doc link to instructions: (link)
Link to a pdf of the instructions: (link)

Questions regarding camera-ready submissions, please contact the publications chair, Eric Mortensen [enmortensen (at) gmail (dot) com].

Instructions for preparing oral presentation videos (due Dec 23)

The video submission deadline has been extended to December 26 at 9:00am MST. This is a hard deadline, there will be no more extensions.

Please follow the link to upload site here: (link).
For a poster template, please see: (link).

Note that we are asking you to prepare a voice over for your video presentation; however, at the conference, we will not play the audio — you will be expected to speak during your presentation. The reason we are asking for a voice over is that we are considering archiving the videos for online access after the conference.

Any questions, please email

Local Poster Printing

Attendees to WACV 2019 will be able to send their posters to be printed and picked up at the conference registration desk.  42×90 at $77 ( PLUS TAX)  each roll up poster,  full color and delivered.

Authors can upload their posters here –  then click the Upload artwork button in the top right, next to the phone number.  You can drag and drop the file in, No passwords needed,

Please use the notes section on the upload to order, they can put their name and contact information,

The files must be in jpeg or pdf format and 300 DPI for graphics to be printed crisply.  Please allow at least 2 days lead time for delivery service. If authors choose to pick up the posters, they can be turned around in about 2 hours time for a rush charge.

Payment must be made directly to Lets go Banners. We are not responsible for any additional arrangements.

Questions about printing can go directly to Marnie at Customer Service: