Paper Preparation

For review, a complete paper should be submitted using the¬†for_review¬† format and the guidelines provided in the author kit. All reviews are double-blind, so please be careful not to include any identifying information including the authors’ names or affiliations. All papers should be submitted as PDF files (10 MB maximum).

Accepted papers will be allocated 8 pages in the proceedings. Please note that References/Bibliography at the end of the paper will NOT count toward the aforementioned page limit. That is, a paper can be up to 8 pages + the references.

WACV 2019 Author Kit [zip]

WACV 2019 CMT Site [url]  (CMT is now accepting second round submissions Рdeadline Sept 21, 2018 Р11.59pm Pacific Time).

Supplemental Materials

You may also submit supplemental materials to assist with the review. These may include videos, additional images or other results, or appendices. Please note that the submitted paper should be as self-contained as possible and that these materials should supplement not complete the content of the paper.

All supplemental materials must be zipped into a single file, or you may submit a single PDF file for non-video materials. In either case, the maximum file allowed size for the supplemental materials is 30 MB.

Two Round Review Process

Like previous years, WACV 2019 will follow the two-round of review process that is similar to journal submissions to provide the authors with an additional chance of defending and revising their papers, to make the best use of reviewers’ time, and to achieve an overall quality consistency among the accepted papers.

For the Round 2 deadline authors may:

  1. Submit a new, previously not submitted paper.
  2. Submit a revised paper that was submitted in Round 1 and was encouraged for revision and resubmission. These papers will be assigned the same AC and reviewers as the first round.
  3. Submit a paper that was rejected in Round 1. These papers will be mostly treated as a new paper, with a new AC and reviewers. However, the revised version is required to be substantially improved or it may be rejected again without significant review.

Papers that were accepted in Round 1 should be not resubmitted or revised at this point. Final versions of these papers will be due on November 20th, 2018, at the same time as accepted papers from Round 2.

Instructions for Round 2 Submissions

These instructions apply to new submissions to round 2:

  • Because we are using a new version of the CMT system, we are currently waiting on the CMT support to create
    a new track called Second Round Submissions . Once this is created (hopefully no later than Sep 5), you
    will be able to create new papers in this track for submission. Please follow the instructions above under paper preparation.
  • The deadline for second round submissions is Sep 21, 2018 – 11.59pm Pacific Time.

Instructions for Papers Invited for Resubmission to the 2nd Round

Please note the following instructions do NOT apply to new papers submitted to the second round.
These instructions are only for papers that have undergone the review in the first round and the decision
was “Invite for Resubmission”

  • Because we are using a new version of the CMT system, we are currently waiting on the CMT support to create
    a track called First Round Submissions . Once this is created (hopefully no later than Sep 5), your existing paper will be found in the First Round Submission track. There will be an option in this track for you to submit a revised manuscript.
  • You should revise your original paper based on the reviewer’s comments and upload a new version. Please
    keep the same paper ID. We will try our best to assign your revised paper to the same area chair and same reviewers.
  • IMPORTANT: In addition to your revised manuscript, you should prepare a ‘rebuttal and list of changes’ writeup that should be appended
    to the end of your PDF. The page limit for the ‘rebuttal and list of changes’ is two pages. These two pages
    do not count against the manuscripts page length.
  • See the following links for instructions on how to append pages (e.g., your rebuttal and list of changes) to a PDF.
    • Using Adobe Acrobat (link)
    • Using an online service (link)
  • The deadline for revised papers is the same for all second round papers, Sep 21, 2018 – 11.59pm Pacific Time.

Other Policies

All papers submitted for WACV must represent original, unpublished work.

Dual submission elsewhere is not permitted.

By submitting a manuscript to WACV, the authors assert that it has not been previously published in substantially similar form. An paper is not counted as a previously published paper because it cannot be rejected. A university technical report is also not counted as a prior publication because it is typically not peer reviewed.Furthermore, no paper which contains significant overlap with the contributions of this paper either has been or will be submitted during the WACV 2019 review period to either a journal or any conference (including WACV 2019) or any workshop. Papers violating this condition will be rejected.

If there are papers that may appear to the reviewers to violate this condition, then it is your responsibility to: (1) cite these papers (preserving anonymity), (2) argue in the body of your paper why your WACV paper is non-trivially different from these concurrent submissions, and (3) include anonymized versions of those papers in the supplemental material.

All work submitted to WACV is considered confidential until the papers appear.  Note the conference will be publishing electronically, about 2 weeks before the conference, so plan any patent dates accordingly.

WACV’s Move to Open Access

WACV2019 is committed to providing an open-access version of each
paper.  We are negotiating with IEEE on how that will be done. Authors may be
required to reformat their paper for the open-access variant of the paper and
upload this version on the conference designated open-access site.